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Wayoutback Desert Safaris

Itinerary And Possible Changes
Due to the very nature of our business as an adventure 4-wheel drive operator, we travel in remote parts of Australia. Whilst every attempt is made to adhere to the advertised itineraries, there could be occasions where itinerary adjustments have to be made, often at short notice and possibly whilst on tour. Following, but not restricted to, are some examples that could affect itineraries:

Weather Conditions (short or long term) have made travelling a particular route dangerous or unsafe
Government Agencies enforcing compulsory Road Closures
Cultural events, reasons or requests
Health and Safety reasons
Medical Conditions
To ensure your travel with us is enjoyable and without incident, medical conditions must be made known to our Reservations staff at the time of booking. Due to large distances between towns, we remind customers that we may be many hours away from a medical facility. We reserve the right to seek a Medical Clearance before travelling with us. You are encouraged to carry enough medication required for the duration of your safari. Cold storage is available where required.

Should a medical condition not be declared at the time of booking, Wayoutback Desert Safaris reserves the right to refuse travel. In these instances Wayoutback Desert Safaris will not be held responsible for any additional expenses incurred or cancellation fees imposed as a result of non disclosure on our Safaris or that of any other tour operator, accommodation provider, airline etc. We recommend you discuss any medical concerns you may have with our reservations staff.
Special Dietary Requirements
All dietary requirements must be declared at the time of booking. Wayoutback Desert Safaris will not be held responsible for the catering/food supply of any individual where a dietary condition is undeclared.

Other than Alice Springs, there are no Supermarkets or similar in the outback and in many instances only basic food groups are available. Whilst we will endeavour to cater for your dietary requirements, it may not be possible to address some food or brand requests due to limited availability in Central Australia. As such, you may be requested to supply your own food type or brand. Wayoutback is not obligated to meet any of these costs. Please consult with our reservations staff at the time of booking.
Credit Card Payments
Payments made by MasterCard and Visa credit cards are subject to a Merchant Levy of 1.4%.
Changes To Existing Or Confirmed Bookings
Where an existing Booking is to be changed to an alternative departure date or tour type the following will apply:

Changes requested 1 - 7 days from departure date incur full Cancellation Fees and the full cost of the new tour selected will be charged.

Changes requested 8 days or more from departure date incur a $50 Administration Fee plus any difference in price from new tour selected.

For any other changes to confirmed bookings a $50 Administration Fee will be charged.
Notice And Cancellation Fees
30 days or more, 25%
14 29 days, 50%
8 13 days, 75%
0 7 days, 100%
General Conditions of Travel (the Fine Print)
Wayoutback Desert Safaris Pty Limited reserves the right to amend safari times, itineraries and fares for its safaris as circumstances, time of year and operational reasons occur. There will be no refunds in these circumstances or for reasons such as delays incurred due to mechanical failure or weather conditions. Wayoutback Desert Safaris cannot guarantee exact pick-up and drop-off times and will accept no responsibility in the event of cancellation fees from other connecting services. Wayoutback Desert Safaris reserves the right to cancel a safari or arrange an alternative operator if group numbers are insufficient. Balances paid by credit card are subject to a merchant levy. Wayoutback Desert Safaris accepts no responsibility for any injury, illness or other such accident sustained whilst on safari with Wayoutback or while engaged in any activities with other tourist operators that may not be part of the Wayoutback itinerary but available during a Wayoutback safari. While all care is taken, the responsibility of children on tour rests entirely with the parent or caregiver. Central Australia can be hazardous with camp fires, splinters (some trees and shrubs are toxic), jagged rocks, cliffs, sun exposure and poisonous reptiles and insects. All customers, including children, must wear shoes at all times, use sunblock and wear hats. Individual Aboriginal location visits cannot be guaranteed for cultural reasons. In the event of a location or host not being available the fare for this component will be refunded. Wayoutback Desert Safaris accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged property and strongly recommends clients have Travel Insurance, including Cancellation Cover. Cancellation fees apply. Please Note: Any changes made to confirmed bookings will incur additional charges (see above).
Privacy Policy
Wayoutback Desert Safaris is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you Lawfully. We collect the information about you for two reasons: Firstly, to process your booking and secondly, to provide you with the best possible service. The type of information we collect about you includes: your name, address, phone number, email address. We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. We will never sell, trade or market your information to any person or company. You can check the information we hold about you by emailing us at reservations@wayoutback.com.au . If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct promptly. If you have any questions / comments about privacy, please contact us at reservations@wayoutback.com.au .

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